500 Year Farm is the dream of Daniel Worth to create a farm that respects the land, people, plants and animals that derive benefit from it. The number 500 represents roughly the average span of a civilization and the hope is to, over time, build a resilient food system that will last as long as there are people who have respect for the the ecosystem and are willing to work with it. Right now the farm is in the preplanning/funding stage. The search for land will begin as soon as the minimum amount of funding is raised. Then the project will move to the next and longest phase, the implimentation stage. At the bottom of this page is a funding thermometer where you can see where we are at with funding.

Getting Involved

You can click on the blog in the link at the top of the page to read updates on the project, including the "Manifesto" series that explains the project in detail. You can also add your e-mail to the mailing list to get updates and information sent to you by clicking on Mailing List at the top of the page. If you want to contribute money to the project you can visit my music website and, if you like the music, buy a song.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to serving you, your family and your friends in the near future.

Current Funding Level

The largest marks represent $0, $50,000 (minimum level for starting the land search)and $100,000 (amount needed to buy land and start building).

Funding Thermometer